Dating Games To Play With Your Woman

Did you know that there are all kinds of dating games that you can play with your girlfriend that can enhance your love life? It’s true, and people are playing these dating games all the time to win their lover over and to keep the excitement spurring in their love life.

You should learn some dating games or even develop some yourself if you want to have the kind of relationship success that you are looking for. I play dating games all the time with my girlfriend and you should do the same thing too if you want to see your relationship blossom and attain the success that you desire.

In this article, we will take a look at some of these dating games and how you can use them to your advantage in your relationship. Here’s just one of the games that you can play.

1) Mini golf

Mini golf is an excellent game that you can play with your girlfriend or even just your date. From my experience, all the girls that I have come across love playing mini golf, an we always had fun things to talk about. Whether I was teasing her on her technique or she was teasing me because she was winning, we always had fun playing mini golf.

In my city, there’s a place called “Frankie’s Fun Park” that has a lot of adventurous games that I could play with someone. And one of them happens to be mini golf. You more than likely have a similar fun park in your area so it’s just up to you to go out there and start looking for games of mini golf. Here’s another one of my dating games that you can play.

2) Batting cage

Maybe your girlfriend or date was ex-baseball superstar. She probably played softball in high school or little league and can polish off the skills in a short game of the batting cage. I haven’t played baseball in a long time but whenever I see a batting cage around, I immediately go for it because it’s an awesome game to play.

You may want to consider sticking with slow pitches at first because your date may be an absolute beginner to baseball. But it doesn’t matter if she is, she will eventually come around to the game and you-two can have an excellent time out playing together.